About Sara Kajder

What an odd thing to write…

A former middle and high school English (and Chemistry!) teacher, I am currently an assistant professor of English Education at Virginia Tech. I am a writer of books for teachers (Bringing the Outside In, The Tech Savvy English Classroom), research articles on student learning and teacher pedagogies with new literacies and emerging technologies, a consultant and speaker who works (happily) across the county with teachers and kids who are thinking about learning in rich, multi-literate ways, and, perhaps most importantly, a mom. This blog captures my thinking on this moment in time where it is both exhilarating and daunting to be an English teacher, a reader, and a writer.


2 responses to “About Sara Kajder

  1. Anne Van Meter

    Not only do you speak sense, but you teach at my alma mater!! Go Hokies! Go Sara!

  2. You are the only other english and chemistry type I know:) – those were my subjects prior to doing the tech thing. Just had dkuropatwa speak at our school…had a Vatech enginnering professor join us- told him to look you up – Tom Walker-
    can’t wait to learn more from you!

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